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BP23215A (25.0 g 65-75 seeds)

Approximately 2-3 seeds per gram.

Phaseolus vulgaris


A stunning and delicious purple pole bean that was discovered in the 1930's in the Ozark Mountains.  Climbing vines grow to 1.8-2.0m (6-7’) tall and they require vertical space to grow. A sturdy fence, poles or trellising will work nicely.  Vines produce massive yields of bright purple, stringless pods that are both sweet and tender.  This pole bean tolerates early plantings in cooler soil.  The entire plant is tinged purple and is quite beautiful with its’ lilac flowers. Beans turn green when cooked.  Left on the vine to ripen, the dry beans can be used make tasty stews and soups.


Growing Instructions:


Direct sow seeds after the last frost, when soil temperatures have reached at least 16°C (60°F). Select a location that receives full sun. Plant pole beans near a trellis, fence or other support structure that is at least 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft) tall. Sow seeds 2.5-5cm (1-2”) deep, spaced 8-15cm (3-6”) apart at the base of the support structure. Keep soil evenly moist to promote germination. Seeds should sprout in 7-10 days. As the plants grow, train them to climb the support structure. Pole beans prefer well-drained soil that is fertile and has a pH between 6.0 and 7.5. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer before planting and again after the first flowers appear. Pole beans can be harvested when the pods are fully developed, but still young and tender. Harvest regularly to encourage more production. Pole beans typically reach maturity in 60-90 days.

Soil Conditions: Well-drained soil that is fertile. Soil pH: 6.0-7.5 Planting Depth: Sow seeds 2.5-5cm (1-2”) deep. Germination: 7-10 days. Height at Maturity: 1.8-2.4m (6-8ft) tall. Days to Maturity: 60-90 days. Watering: Keep soil evenly moist. Sun/Shade: Full sun. Spacing after Thinning: Thin seedlings to 15-20cm (6-8”) apart.