Germination and Seed Count:

To achieve our aim of providing our fellow gardeners and commercial growers alike with the highest quality agricultural seed available that fits our ethical profile, Wildrose Heritage Seed Company Ltd. tests our seeds regularly for seed germination rates and purity to both determine the vigor of the seed and to determine the presence of weed seeds.

All of our seeds that we sell are tested regularly by BioVision Seed Labs in St Albert, Alberta, to meet or exceed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)standards and the Canadian standards established by the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada for Seed quality.  The number found at the bottom‐middle of each seed envelope refers to our lot numbers of specific seed types, which is what we utilize for quality control. To inquire further about specific germination rates and testing dates for a particular seed please quote this lot number. Germination rates can vary from year to year.

Seeds per Gram:

Wildrose Heritage Seed Company Ltd. endeavors to achieve agricultural excellence and only sell the highest quality agricultural seed available. Our seed counts (seeds per gram or s/g) are estimates based on grower sample counts and the standards as set out by the Canada Seeds Act.  Seed counts may vary dramatically with each harvest and seed lot numbers.   The number you see on each of our packages is still a best guess or estimate provided as a guide for gardeners and growers to calculate productivity. These seed counts are useful as estimates only and do not always reflect exact seed counts that you may find in your seed packages. All of our seeds are packed by hand and by weight and checked for consistency on a regular basis.

Growing Warranty:  

A seed is a living product, and your success in growing our seeds depends on a variety of factors including weather, growing methods (soil preparation, proper planting technique, irrigation and weed control), and growing conditions.  These factors are completely out of the control of Wildrose Heritage Seed ltd, and are the responsibility and risk of the grower.  If you encounter any troubles germinating our seed please contact us IMMEDIATELY (not at the end of the season) and we will help you find a solution.  As growers ourselves, the germination rate and purity of the seed are of utmost importance to us.  The germination rates and purity of our seed exceeds the standards set by the Canada Seed Act and CIFA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). 
It is our policy to notify the customer if a problem exists or develops with any particular lot of seed.   The seed we sell is meant to be grown in soil or professional media, using contemporary farming methods.  We are not a source for seeds meant for human or animal consumption. If you are not satisfied with any of the other goods we sell, please contact us so that we can arrange to exchange or refund it within 30 days of purchase.

Limited Warranty: 

We limit our warranty to the vitality and purity of seeds, to the full amount of the purchase price.  Wildrose Heritage Seed Company Ltd. will not be liable for damages arising from any breach of condition as to the variety, quality, or productiveness of any seeds, bulbs, or any other products we sell; nor be responsible for the crop.  We understand mistakes can be made, but in no case will Wildrose Heritage Seed limited be liable for more than the amount actually paid for the seeds, bulbs, rootstock, and other goods.  We reserve the right to limit quantities ordered.