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CN02001A (0.25 g 425-450 seeds)

Approximately 1707 seeds per gram
Nepeta cataria
Irresistible to cats and bees, it is a spreading, carefree joy in the flower bed.  It is too sprawling for a border plant.  Blooms all summer with fragrant flowers and foliage.  Both the soft lavender-blue flowers and the green foliage are aromatic on these 61 cm (2') tall plants. Sow seeds indoors in February and March, and transplant or direct sow in April and May.  Catnip seeds can be directly sown in September for spring growing.


Growing Instructions:


  • Sow seed directly outside in a sunny spot in May.  Barely cover seeds and keep the soil moist through the 7-14 day germination period. Thin Catnip plants in the garden to 25 cm (10") apart.   Catnip will self-sow and establish persistent stands.
  • Soil Conditions:  Well worked loose soil.  Sow on the soil surface or barely covered with perlite or soil.
  • Planting Depth:   Surface Seed. Barely cover the seeds with soil.
  • Height at Maturity: Height: 61cm (24”). Spread: Varying.
  • Days to Maturity:  80-110 days. Pick when plant is able to support harvesting.
  • Sun/Shade: Full Sun    
  • Spacing after Thinning: Thin plants in the garden to 25 cm (10") apart.