Tomato - Semi-Determinate

Tomato - Crimson Sprinter (SD)

The Crimson Sprinter Tomato is a beautiful Canadian heirloom that was bred by Professor T. Graham at the Ontario Agricultural College. They are so named after ‘sprinting ice skaters’ and their speedy performance in cooler weather. An...

Tomato - Homestead (SD)

Homestead tomato is a reliable heirloom tomato developed in the 1950’s.  It is a vigorous semi-determinate plant (sets fruit all at once) and grows between 122-183cm (4-6’) tall with a 50-61cm (20-24”) spread and is...

Tomato - Sweetie (SD)

This cherry tomato produces volumes of small, approximately 2.5cm (1") fruits that form in clusters of 8-10 tomatoes on long branches.  They are super-sweet with high sugar content and full bodied tomato flavour.  A semi-determinate...

Tomato - Jitomate Bulito (SD)

The Jitomate Bulito is a relatively rare, open pollinated, paste tomato variety from Mexico. It is a very productive determinate/semi determinate plant that grows well with or without staking and tying.  It produces thick, deep red,...
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