Pumpkin - Sugar Pie

Approximately 3-5 seeds per gramCucurbita pepoLot# PU31517Sugar Pie Pumpkins are the traditional pumpkin for making pumpkin pies. It is because of their sweet, fine grained, orange flesh which is often more firm and less stringy than...

Pumpkin - Spooky

Approximately 3-5 seeds per gramCucurbita pepoLot# PU31516A prolific, dark orange pumpkin, 15-17 cm (6-8") around, and averaging about 2.7-4.5 kg (6-10 lbs.) each.  Spookie Pumpkin is the result of a cross between Sugar Pie and Jack...

Pumpkin - Cinderella

Approximately 3-5 seeds per gramCucurbita maximaLot# PU31514An heirloom from France; also sold as ‘Rouge Vif d’Etampes’, Cinderella Pumpkin has a vivid, red-orange, hard exterior, is deeply ridged with characteristic lobes, and has a softly flattened top. ...

Pumpkin - Jack O Lantern

Approximately 5-12 seeds per gram.Cucurbita maximaLot# PU31515​Jack O Lantern Pumpkins are considered the traditional pumpkin for Halloween carving.  They can easily weigh 4-7 kg (9-16lbs) each and be 20-25cm (8-10”) around.  They are oblong shaped...

Pumpkin - Lady Godiva

Approximately 7-8 seeds per gramCucurbita pepoLot# PU31519​Lady Godiva is one of the most popular naked-seeded pumpkin varieties that produce seeds without the hard shell. Most pumpkin and squash seeds develop a hard shell or hull that...

Pumpkin - Howden

Approximately 5-7 seeds per gramCucurbita pepo Lot# PU31503 ​The Howden Pumpkin strain is grown from the John Howden's original seed stock.  These pumpkins are uniform, deep orange and easily average 11 kg (25 pounds) in weight....

Pumpkin - Connecticut

Approximately 3-5 seeds per gramCucurbita maximaLot# PU31518Connecticut Field Pumpkin is a Native American heirloom variety that has a history predating 1700.  It produces nice yields of 9 kg (15-25 lb) pumpkins. These large sized 25-30...

Pumpkin - Atlantic Giant

Approximately 5 seeds per gram. Cucurbita maximaLot# PU31501Atlantic Giants easily average 91-910 kg (200-2000) pounds and with a little tender loving care you could compete for the world record which is 2032 pounds.   Most pumpkins,...
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