Pea - Super Sugar Snap

Super Sugar Snap produces #1 quality, medium dark green 3-4” (7.6-10 cm) long pods. It is one of our many favorites for taste and tenderness.  A very heavy producer with plump 4" pods.  The vines...

Pea - Green Arrow

This shorter 61-76 cm (24-30") variety prefers cooler weather and produces heavy yields of slim, 10 cm (4"), dark green pods that contain 8-11 peas of superb quality for fresh eating, freezing, cooking, or canning....

Pea - Lincoln

Lincoln pea is an old homestead shelling type of pea that was first introduced in 1908.  It is a high yielding productive plant that grows to 76 cm (30”) high.  Lincoln produces good amounts of...

Pea - Oregon Sugar Pod II

The Oregon Sugar Pod II pea is a tender edible snow pea that is highly productive.   It produces smooth, stringless pods that are 7-10cm (3-4”) long.   Pods are thick and succulent.   Pods are doubly borne...

Pea - Strike

Strike pea is a standard early garden pea which produces peas earlier at cool temperatures than other types.  Strike produces 6-7.5 cm (2¾”-3”) blunt ended pods with 7-8 medium large dark green peas inside.  The...

Pea - Cascadia

Cascadia is a shorter bush type snap pea renowned for its thick walled pods that average 2-3” long and have sweet wrinkled peas inside them.  Pods are crisp and juicy.  It is a newer variety...
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