Dill - Bouquet

Bouquet Dill  grows to 75-90 cm (30-36") tall, and produces  delicate, dark-green ferny foliage and  yellow, large, umbel-shaped flowers that average 15 cm (6") wide.  It is an early maturing variety.  It is easy to...

Dill - Hera

Hera Dill is a highly productive variety.  Plant height averages 61 cm (24") and it produces feathery blue-green foliage that is held on short stalks with exceptional aroma and flavor.  Good disease resistance.  It is...

Dill - Dukat

Dukat Dill is a delicious culinary herb that tends to produce much more foliage than most dills.   It has a particularly fine bouquet and flavour which makes it an excellent variety to grow for homemade...
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