Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

This Heirloom variety has grown remarkably well in North American conditions for at least 50 years.  It is a tremendous carrot with strong tops, great flavour, texture and color.  Scarlet Nantes has cylindrical roots with...

Carrot - Rainbow Blend

A bright combination of colourful carrots including Atomic Red, Imperator, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White and Solar Yellow. All types are easy to grow and all 5 types are reliable producers. Carrots require little maintenance other than...

Carrot - Tendersweet

Tendersweet carrot is an excellent variety for early and successive crops. Tendersweet produces long, reddish orange roots that average 22-25 cm (9-10”) long and 5 cm (2”) wide at the shoulder.  The roots taper down...

Carrot - Little Fingers

Little Fingers is a baby gourmet carrot.  It is a quick maturing Nantes type carrot with smooth, golden orange skin, a crisp texture, and a tender core. The small carrot is 10-13 cm, (3-5") long...

Carrot - Danvers 126

The Danvers 126 Carrot was introduced in 1947 and is adaptable and dependable.  It is a heat tolerant carrot variety that works in a wide range of soil types.  Danvers 126 is a stout and...

Carrot - Imperator

Imperator 58 carrot has been a standard for many years. It is a Danvers type carrot that is medium long 18-23cm (7-9") with broad shoulders that are 2.5cm (1 1/2") wide.  Imperator 58 is a fine...

Carrot - Royal Chantenay

The Royal Chantenay Carrot was introduced in 1952 and is both adaptable and dependable.  It is a carrot variety that works in a wide range of both heavy clay and shallow soil types.  Royal Chantenay...

Carrot - Cosmic Purple

Cosmic Purple carrot is a Danvers type carrot which averages between 15-20cm (6-8”) long.  The velvety purple roots are straight and smooth skinned with orange coreless flesh inside. Tops grow to about 40cm (16“) tall. ...

Carrot - Atomic Red

With their striking red color, these carrots are sure to stir your curiosity.  Atomic Red carrots are an Imperator-type, cylindrical root that grow 20-28 cm (8-11”) long and 2 cm (¾”) wide at the shoulder....

Carrot - Solar Yellow

Solar Yellow carrot is a Danvers type carrot that produces a butter – yellow root that grows to an average of 15-18cm (6-7”) long.  It is originally from the Middle East and are said to...
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