Cantaloupe - Fast Break

Fast Break produces round-oval (1-2.2 kg) 2-5 pound melons that are slightly ribbed with a medium sutured net on a compact vine that can reach 152-213 cm (5-7').  Excellent flavor and sweet pale orange flesh. ...

Cantaloupe - Hales Best

Hales Best Cantaloupe is a classic heirloom muskmelon.   It is a reliable heavily netted melon that produces a slightly ribbed  1.8-2.7 kg (4-6 lb) melon that is on average 17 cm (7”) long and 15...

Cantaloupe - Minnesota Midget

Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe is a compact cantaloupe that usually grows on 91-121 cm (3-4’) vines and produces between 6–8 super sweet, softball sized melons. You can even grow ‘Minnesota Midget’ in a larger container on...
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