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HY06100A (0.5 g 400-500 seeds)

Hyssop is a hardy woody perennial evergreen (sub shrub) from the Mediterranean region. It produces lovely sprigs of bright blue flowers, and attracts many types of beneficial pollinators. The aroma of the flowers, either fresh or dried, is completely unique and one of the best and strongest of all herbal aromas. Plants quickly form into a short woody shrub that is 46-61 cm (18-24”) high that can be shaped with trimming.  Flowers stalks can reach 91 cm (36”) tall.  


Growing Instructions:


Hyssop is a fragrant herb that is easy to grow in a variety of climates. It prefers well-drained soil and full sun, and can be propagated from seed or cuttings. Plant seeds or cuttings in early spring or fall, 2.5cm (1”) deep and spaced 30-45cm (12-18”) apart. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate or the cuttings take root. Hyssop does not require much fertilizer, but can benefit from a light application of compost or a balanced fertilizer once a year. The plant can grow up to 60cm (24”) tall, and can be harvested when the flowers are in bloom in the summer. To harvest, cut the stems just above the lowest set of leaves, and dry the leaves and flowers for later use. Hyssop can be used fresh or dried in teas, marinades, and other culinary applications.

Soil Conditions: Well-drained soil. Planting Depth: Plant seeds or cuttings 2.5cm (1”) deep. Germination: 7-14 days. Height at Maturity: Up to 60cm (24”) tall. Days to Maturity: 90-120 days. Watering: Keep soil moist until seeds germinate or cuttings take root. Sun/Shade: Full sun. Spacing after Thinning: Space plants 30-45cm (12-18”) apart.